Augmented Intelligence driving results for your business

Insights transformed in ROI

The insights generated by our technological solutions help to transform customer experiences, in addition to reducing operating costs. We offer services that make customer relations more careful, predictable and efficient.

We deliver Performance

We use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, to support companies in managing their relationships, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Genoa’s Approach

Our technological solutions developed with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Neuroscience, encompass two dimensions: People Analytics  + Consumer Analytics, with a focus on improving Companies’ Operational Intelligence.

We understand the behavior of your consumer by monitoring  the Customer Journey. to detect anomalies or opportunities.

Operational Intelligence analyzes and transforms data into information that is relevant to the business, improving process efficiency, customer satisfaction and enabling more significant results.

We integrate with the platforms that companies already operate, without the need for other investments. Click here and contact us.

Our Team